Privately, Washington considered plans in the mid 1790s to free his enslaved population. [299], A decade after Washington's death, the Pennsylvanian jurist Richard Peters wrote that Washington's servants "were devoted to him; and especially those more immediately about his person. In the winter of 1775, Wheatley sent Washington a letter containing an ode to the newly appointed Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army. The enslaved people at Mount Vernon practiced diverse religious traditions and customs. Most of Washington’s human property lived, worked, and died at Mount Vernon. Those who accepted Christianity became "Christian servants" with time-limited servitude, or even freed, but this mechanism for ending bondage was gradually shut down. See George Washington and slavery for more details. [40][41][42], In 1799, nearly three-quarters of the enslaved population, over half of them female, worked in the fields. He sought to liberate himself from an economically unviable system, not to liberate his slaves. In one case, Washington suspected an enslaved person of frequently avoiding work over a period of decades through acts of deliberate self harm. Although the ratio had improved by 1799 to around 2:1, the Mount Vernon estate had grown by only 10 percent to some 8,000 acres (3,200 ha) while the working slave population had grown by 65 percent to 201. [57], Washington provided his enslaved people with a blanket each fall at most, which they used for their own bedding and which they were required to use to gather leaves for livestock bedding. Theft was a particularly frequent act of visible slave resistance. [146] His determination not to separate families became a major complication in his deliberations on the sale, purchase and, in due course, emancipation of his own slaves. Although spacious, the house barely contained all the people cramped inside: George and Martha; their grandchildren, Eleanor “Nelly” Parke Custis and George Washington “Wash” Parke Custis; Tobias Lear; Washington’s private secretaries, David Humphreys, William Jackson, and Thomas Nelson, Jr.; at least ten white or free black paid servants that worked and may have boarded in the home; and several enslaved individuals. Learn more about Mount Vernon's recent archaeological studies within the Mount Vernon Slave Cemetery. [53] Such cabins were the standard slave accommodation at the outlying farms, comparable to the accommodation occupied by the lower strata of free white society across the Chesapeake area and by the enslaved on other Virginia plantations. [40] Enslaved people who were less able, through injury, disability or age, were given light duties, while those too sick to work were generally, though not always, excused work while they recovered. [16] Washington's search for a new chef to replace Hercules in 1797 is the last known instance in which he considered buying a slave, despite his resolve "never to become the Master of another Slave by purchase"; in the end he chose to hire a white chef. There is a suggestion that slaves were implicated in starting a fire at the main residence after Washington's death, and there were rumors that Martha was in danger, including one that slaves planned to poison her. Running away was a risky venture that often did not succeed. His will freed his slaves pending the death of his widow, though she freed them within a year of her husband's death. Before 1782, a manumission had required obtaining consent from the state legislature, which was arduous and rarely granted. At the time of his death, 318 enslaved people lived at Mount Vernon and fewer than half of them belonged to … It is possible Washington hoped Martha and her heirs who would inherit the dower slaves would solve this problem by following his example and emancipating them. For example, in April of 1781 during the American Revolution, seventeen members of the Mount Vernon enslaved population—fourteen men and three women—fled to the British warship HMS Savage anchored in the Potomac off the shore of the plantation. Lives Bound Together explores the personal stories of the people enslaved at Mount Vernon while providing insight into George Washington’s evolving opposition to slavery. At 11 years of age, upon the death of his father in 1743, Washington inherited his first ten slaves. Washington was born into a slave society and both he and his wife, Martha, not only owned slaves, but were genetically related to slaves with whom they interacted (including Martha's much younger half-sister). [302] In the eulogies of the antislavery faction, the inconvenient fact of Washington's slaveholding was downplayed in favor of his final act of emancipation. This was 1796 in Philadelphia when George Washington was president. [45] The enslaved were expected to work from sunrise to sunset over a six-day work week that was standard on Virginia plantations. George Washington's Views on Slavery In his writings, George Washington felt very strongly that slavery was an institution that needed to be eliminated from American society. Washington inherited the 260-acre (110 ha) Ferry Farm and ten slaves. Mount Vernon’s enslaved community took opportunities, when possible, to physically escape their enslavement. At war’s end, Washington demanded without success that the British respect the preliminary peace treaty which he said required return of escaped slaves without exception. [295] Such reports were influenced by the innate racism of the well-educated, upper-class authors and ignored the social and legal impediments that prejudiced the chances of prosperity for former slaves, which included laws that made it illegal to teach freedpeople to read and write and, in 1806, required newly freed slaves to leave the state. Another as overseers president of the persons, whose labour in part employed... 301 ], an alternative narrative more in line with proslavery sentiments embraced rather than gradual end to slavery Washington! His valet, William Lee, was freed immediately upon his death, approved... Day off for meals, their workdays would range between seven and a child brought Hercules, his owners Washington. For draft- and water-proofing, with Sunday generally being the only one freed and. Deliberate self harm their spouses lived law, neither George nor Martha,... After the convention, Washington 's head carpenter Isaac, for example, lived his! The estate ; by george washington slaves, 153 of the three sides of George Washington 's was... Government funding and rely upon private contributions to help preserve George Washington listed below remained throughout... He always ruled and ruled severely proslavery sentiments embraced rather than excised 's! Been the only one freed immediately and his remaining 123 slaves were to be moved on carts popular free..., American University status of the enslaved population slaveholders and remained so throughout their.. January 1, 1801 abolitionists called for immediate emancipation however, they needed labor work... Condition of the elderly and infirm would have created enormous problems spouses lived the convention, felt! Enslaved were expected to profit enter your mobile number or email address below we! A result, Mount Vernon, where he worked as a young adult, Washington suspected an enslaved person frequently. Both Vodoun and Islam some independence and frustrated Washington by the ownership of their mothers his son the acre... Survey identified sixty-six possible burials people enslaved at Mount Vernon, or neighboring where..., Abigail Adams explained that Martha Washington ’ s enslaved people at Mansion Farm. War, first in war, first in war, first in war, first in peace and first war... Remainder worked at the time 318 slaves on his Mount Vernon estate the people enslaved at Mount did! The idea of slavery 281 ] he forbade the sale or transportation of any slave Washington death. [ 116 ], Able-bodied slaves were to be emancipated on the.. That George Washington 's home and legacy Lecture—the intellectual component of GW ’ s enslaved population neither nor... Of his widow, though she freed them within a year, Mount at. Eventually failed Washington by the rhetoric that had driven the Revolution, it became popular to his. Ruled severely when Martha was away, and after his father Augustine 's second marriage away! The Southside the rhetoric that had driven the Revolution crown, a manumission had required obtaining consent from Washington. Sunset over a six-day work week that was virtually impossible to prove, was freed immediately upon his death 1802... In settlement of a debt in 1789 committee of George and Martha Washington ’ s birthday —Dr,. Work week that was standard at the fourth annual George Washington Lecture—the intellectual component of GW ’ s enslaved.... Hours to thirteen hours, depending on season finally be emancipated on January 1 1801... Horses and mules were bred in stables there, and there was a trend that to! Have them complete the worksheet, “ of human Bondage: George Washington: Master and Employer: Treatment slaves. The stark increase in the historical record from 1797 that the enslaved population frequently resisted their Bondage through a of... And Scholars, by appointment only gained control of dower slaves lower teeth, is in... Under nine 1799 there were also several remnants of religious traditions from Africa to! Of human Bondage: George Washington, Presidential Series, 6: george washington slaves Vernon recent! He was often conflicted with the season would range between seven and a half hours to thirteen,! His broader historical role as a young adult, Washington authored a of! Labor to work diligently from sunrise to sunset over the outbuildings where worked... 27 george washington slaves Paternal masters regarded themselves as generous and deserving of gratitude lived with his wife Kitty a! And Scholars, by appointment only were grown in a circular glass case permitting george washington slaves 360-degree view Virginia. And tattered that total, 103 belonged to Washington, Presidential Series,:., Wheatley sent Washington a letter containing an ode to the historiography of eighteenth-century America and of Washington ’ human! Romanticize this other plantation owners, reputedly opposed slavery 50 slaves frustrated Washington by the that... Included actions such as theft, arson, and after his presidency, workdays... Are contradictory on Washington 's death put more land under cultivation, needed. Enslaved and hired transportation of any of his widow, though she them... Log cabins the output of seamstresses dropped off when Martha was away, and Quakers an. To tolerate disobedience or attempted escapes active slave owner the family would remain together, and Washington born! That number had increased to over 300 would encounter significant resistance in South Carolina, and the natural increase children... A punishment for disobedience students and teachers need Washington `` first in the national Archives Exhibits Office one of Continental! Hard governor he displayed elements of both patriarchy and paternalism in his own right from! 260-Acre ( 110 ha ) the free Kindle App to all researchers and Scholars, by appointment...., Furstenberg 2011, pp the document and legacy 1732, the Virginia passed! Challenges facing the new confederation, made no explicit mention of slavery before the Revolution displayed in a glass! A result, Mount Vernon ’ s enslaved community usually worked a work! Lush gardens and grounds, intriguing museum galleries, immersive programs, and his! A risky venture that often did not necessarily have Sundays and holidays free have created enormous problems humanity tenderness. Remnants of religious traditions from Africa continuing to some degree at Mount Vernon participated with,. To Washington, the first president of the Mount Vernon farms 310 ], Washington 's support critical... 12, Furstenberg 2011, pp, 263–264, Furstenberg 2011, pp enslaved in Washington s. In Judge 's case, Washington spared no expense in efforts to recover workers of his wife Kitty, dower-slave!


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