Antenatal care coverage (4+ visits) Outputs Antenatal care coverage (4+ visits) This measure indicates the percent of women with a live birth who received antenatal care (ANC) 4 or more times. Your due date is not a prediction of when you will deliver. The guidelines also include recommendations on counselling and supporting women who may be experiencing intimate partner violence. 1.1 17.4.20 3.2: Clarification added that remote appointments enable a partner or supporter to join the appointment. By recommending an increase in the amount of contact a pregnant woman has with her health provider and by changing the way in which antenatal care can be delivered, WHO is seeking to improve the quality of antenatal care and reduce maternal and perinatal mortality among all populations, including adolescent girls and those in hard-to-reach areas or conflict settings. UNICEF compiles empirical data from DHS, MICS and other national household surveys. You can discuss your concerns and tell the doctor about pains and aches. To ensure the health of you and your baby, you’ll need to schedule regular visits to your doctor during your pregnancy. Your next prenatal visits — often scheduled about every four weeks during the first trimester — might be shorter than the first. In addition to clinical guidance, the new guidelines contain recommendations on health system interventions to improve the utilization and quality of antenatal care. A community health worker checks a pregnant woman's health condition at her home, Bangladesh. The guideline uses the term ‘contact’ as it implies an active connection between a pregnant woman and a health care provider that is not implicit with the word ‘visit’. Due date. Use this guideline for making your appointments and understanding common procedures for each visit: Weeks Possible Tests 6–8 Blood type, rubella titer, blood counts, hepatitis screen, ultrasound. I welcome these guidelines, which aim to put women at the centre of care, enhancing their experience of pregnancy and ensuring that babies have the best possible start in life.". Number of visits for antenatal care: summary Figure 4. 10–12 Doppler detection of fetal heart, CVS, […] Tetanus toxoid vaccination is recommended for all pregnant women, depending on previous tetanus vaccination exposure, to prevent neonatal mortality from tetanus. Regular visits can reduce any possible risks and help you feel at peace with your situation. Number of visits for antenatal care: detail Figure 5. A woman’s ‘contact’ with her antenatal care provider should be more than a simple ‘visit’ but rather the provision of care and support throughout pregnancy. The new guidelines outline what care pregnant women should receive at each of the contacts with the health provider, including counselling on healthy diet and optimal nutrition, physical activity, tobacco and substance use; malaria and HIV prevention; blood tests and tetanus vaccination; fetal measurements including use of ultrasound; and advice for dealing with common physiological symptoms such as nausea, back pain and constipation. Periodic checks during the antenatal period along with blood and urine tests, help in monitoring the pregnancy and ensure safety of … For women whose pregnancies are progressing normally, WHO recommends a minimum of four ANC visits, ideally at 16 weeks, 24-28 weeks, 32 weeks and 36 weeks (USAID/Population council, 2006). Pregnancy-related deaths and diseases remain unacceptably high. Near the end of the first trimester — by about 12 to 14 weeks of pregnancy — you might be able to hear your baby's heartbeat with a small … nausea, heartburn, etc. “If women are to use antenatal care services and come back when it is time to have their baby, they must receive good quality care throughout their pregnancy.” says Dr Ian Askew, Director of Reproductive Health and Research, WHO. Comparing {{}} clear all. Share: DOWNLOAD DATA FOR THIS INDICATOR.


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