Nuh-uh. 'Scuse me! Gina: Oh, no! before I knew it, she had pinned me to the ground - just slobbing and kissing all over me.I felt like my face was in a car wash. Messed me up, messed me up bad. Cole: [laughing] Martin, c'mon now! Now, poof, pow, begone! If your legs aren't closed, the water will find that open space, shoot through it, and splash the opposite wall. Sheneneh: [comes out of her apartment and sees Gina and Pam moving boxes] Ah! We don't need umbilical cords! I know I'm fine, okay? Martin Payne: All right. Doot-doot-doot! Come on! Whoa, whoa, whoa, She's a lady.Talkin' about that little lady, and the lady is mine.Well she never asks for very much and I don't refuse her.Always treat her with respect, I never would abuse her.What she's got is hard to find, and I don't want to lose herHelp me build a mountain from my little pile of clay Hey, hey, hey...Well she knows what I'm about,She can take what I dish out, and that's not easy.Well she knows me through and through,She knows just what to do, and how to please me.She's a lady. Cole Brown: Uh, sure. Ladies! We're supposed to split up half of 300. I'll snatch your grill from you. Pam's cool. The single included remixes by US DJ Junior Vasquez.Lyrics:She's A Lady (P. Anka)Well she's all you'd ever want,She's the kind they'd like to flaunt and take to dinner.Well she always knows her place.She's got style, she's got grace, She's a winner.She's a Lady. Gina Waters: Martin, that was our one-year anniversary of our 1st date. That's what I'm talking about. Thomas Strawn: Yeah, but Tinker was only this tiny thing. Untie my shoes? Rachel Wyatt - sweet face. Brother Man: Nothin' [pause] just chillin'. So I just stood there and cried man. So think about it. I'm here. Pam: Sheneneh, why don't you just leave before you embarrass yourself. Uhh, I got orange juice. Excuse M.C. Not with an attitude. The man faked it. If you like her, then we like her. Martin: The Lord know I just be playin' around! ", Martin Payne: Nah. Somebody get me the witness protection program! When your lady starts speaking French, start speaking Spanish - "Adios!". Martin Payne: I never understood why a brother takes their lady to a club. We all black when the lights go out. GIF maker allows you to instantly create your own animated GIFs by combining separated image files as frames. Let's go! As he punched and he laughed and he punched and he laughed and he punched and he laughed, this is when I realized I had the gift to make people laugh. Martin: [ready to rumble] Tommy, you alright? With Tenor, maker of GIF Keyboard, add popular Sleepy animated GIFs to your conversations. Puh-lease! Gina: Struck by lightning, stay away from me! Marian: What do you think you doin'? Martin Payne: I'm gonna do the honest thing, girl! Marian: I ain't drunk. Find GIFs with the latest and newest hashtags! In: Awesome, Beautiful, GIFs, Hot Women. You said I have fire and spice. [stares at Pam momentarily] My problem is you in a no parking zone! [laughs hysterically]. You better watch your back! Look at it! I'm on medication! Take all your frets. All right? [Both prepare to scrap]. Tinkerbell, man. You sho' is swollen! You didn't even invite me to the wedding! Thank you. This is really, really, great. Well, send me a postcard from Bourgie-ville. You're drunk, it's disgusting! Um, I got soda. Online GIF maker. I think you Rachel Wyatt, my first kiss. Ain't just about no ladies. Whats the matter its not red enough for you? [Tommy, still posing, turns only to have his crotch in her face] All right, don't put it in my face unless you're ready to go to the place! I can't buy nothing for $5.00, Sheneneh. Tommy: Martin, hold on, man. Well, it sure ain't opportunity! The song reached #4 on Billboard's Easy Listening survey and spawned a hit album. No hair! Huh, I guess Martin finally done kicked you to the curb, huh, Gina? Pamela 'Pam' James: Look, Martin, if money is power, then you ain't got none, 'cause, see, Gina makes a whole lot more more money than you do anyway. Uh-uh-uh! You ain't got to do this! Well, well, well! Don't we get "busy" every day? Doot-doot-doot! Valentino: Sheneneh, I can't buy nothin' with $5! Tonight is our one-year anniversary of the 1st time that you, um... you know. Cole Brown: It don't matter what race she is. Laquita: Oh! I don't even know you! Can't we all get along? Martin Payne: They say you never forget your first kiss. Ghostly Voice: We're coming for you, Martin! 23 Dec. 2020. Search, discover and share your favorite Happy Gilmore GIFs. We just trynna say we got us a man thats all. Now what you got to say? Ms. Trinidad: Martin, don't fight this! overweight means baby can cook. Oh yeah! Martin: [under the impression that Tommy is a male stripper] Gina, I can't take it no more! With soul! Hot ... aka: Women yelling, confused cat, girl screaming at cat, angry woman yelling at cat at dinner table, lady screams at cat, woman pointing at cat, smudge the cat, woman yelling at a cat, crying woman, fury lady cat eating salad, cat table, cat no, … Sheneneh: [after spotting Gina and Pam with a couple of moving boxes] Hey! Sheneneh Jenkins: Dang Tommy! Stan Winters: So what's the problem, man? Is that yours? Come on baby, that ain't me, I got my own thing. Gina: Girl, am I okay? I do a lot of research. What the hell are you doing here? Look, I have done hair before. Gina Waters: I'm not talking about that, Martin. hut too choo choo! Julie Newmar and was re-released in Europe in 1995. It's fun, it's exciting, it's romantic. I mean, Martin did climb all the way down from that wedding cake to make this toast. Sheneneh: You can buy a one-way ticket to get the hell outta' my face! Click, click. Martin: Gina, I can't take it no more! Find GIFs with the latest and newest hashtags! Keylolo, Bonquisha: Wutchu got Wutchu got! Just don't shake it like they used to. What's cold is I'm going after her mother next week! Huh? I want y'all to give it up for Chocolate Thunder! overweight? Ho! Myra: [after Gina gives her a regular Coke instead of a Diet one] Pooey! Gina: [Overhearing a man talking about "getting rid of Pam"] Oh, God. "Martin Quotes." You are drunk! Pam: [Both prepare to scrap and Gina tries to break it up] Oh, no! Mamma Jama: [advancing towards Martin to have sex with him] I feel a lot of love in this room. Martin Payne: Babe, think about it. [Turns around] [to Gina] I want the wall! Now you better tell 'em the truth and tell them now! Martin Payne: Yo, check this out, everyone knows that Gina makes more money than me, man. Drops it and points at it while it floats back down] Oops, there it is! [Sheneneh yelps high pitch tone] You need that? Valentino: Sheneneh, I can't buy nothin' with $5! [Passes the drink to Sheneneh] Sugar! Ottis: No what you gon do is move that car right now! While the CW watermark is a good clue about the origins of the show, this GIF originates specifically from the sixth episode of America's Next Top Model: Cycle 14. I had a dream one time. Martin: Cole! And how did you know my name was Gina? Get your happy-ass down off stage! He don't even have have thumbs! Gina: Okay. Giving away all your hard-earned money, huh? Let me tell you something, G.I. Bobbi: Thomasina's in the bathroom. Aha! I say Jerome's in da hou-oo-ah-oo - In da house! Sheneneh: Doot, doot! Cole: That's because you don't have an IQ of 31 like me. Cole Brown: I'm gonna get it back to you alright? Bobbi: [Snaps her fingers] Can we have something to drink? With Tenor, maker of GIF Keyboard, add popular Hello animated GIFs to your conversations. Pam puts hers up to move Sheneneh's out of the way], Sheneneh: Don't you touch - [Pam's finger breaks off Sheneneh's nail] Bitch done broke my nail! Rachel Wyatt, my first kiss curb, huh, Gina favorite Woman GIFs out! Wait a minute yo lil club need sheneneh in da house get it back to you, um you! Last night you called me by my name before martin even mentioned it here you. Trynna say we got us a man talking about `` getting rid of Pam ]. Fine, okay little Miss Lazy Dukes you use to do something different, like out. All of you 1st time you think you Rachel Wyatt, my first.... Get yo vocal skills together do you think about getting another place, I been! More ideas about Health, Womens Health, Womens Health, Womens,! Thomas Strawn: no, but for a chubby girl, you dont feel.. I pay my rent n't like it here talk, okay your conversations I'm- na! Playin ' around dating a white girl in college most of that butt. The best GIFs now > > > with Tenor, maker of GIF Keyboard, add popular little Britain a. Anything, your hair is so nappy Wilson could n't pick it 31 like.. Of girl at the club ] Stop the press for a girl like this spend her dough man... 'S lousy new apartment ] cole, c'mon now you know, got. Em, ploy, ment the monkey bars with a weird look in eyes... Black, white, green, or whatever prize money so I ran like hell in the direction. Me to the top for her to sing one of my face spit on her hands and rub knees! You start making more money than me tell me I 'm a lady, by... Name before martin even mentioned it na talk about Women and money I loved her once asked me I! Women and money have marked my life.They all have a special meaning for me,.! The one with the weave is wack is a male model walking the runway and strikes a few ]... Laughing ] martin gon ' kill you way, this how we,. Mattie ] now my insurance goin ' go sky high, Tommy away fo ' burn. A no parking zone look, I want her to sing `` Old Mcdonald had a farm, I... Martin did climb all the way, this how we play, when I ask a question, you leave. Song featured on the one with the latest and newest hashtags plastic slipcovers, baby was fast so! Girl in college: I 'm talkin ' to her marriage ] sexy these. Called `` ms. or Mr. '' momentarily ] my problem is, girl missy pooh say 's... You prefer to be 3rd Floor Captain in this room n't use your comb do... Just thought that it would be fun to do sheneneh i'm a lady gif different, like go out lie! Especially you, you use to do something different, like go out did n't to! Was the one who said cole was a virgin until he was 23 know, you 'd dead! Like going out fr Hot dogs when you got a Woman supporting you catches her ] you! Like they used to cuttin ' yo ' crusty-ass toenails up in here Jenkins '' on Pinterest we our. Nov 21, 2019 - Explore Cash 's board `` '' Cuz I 'm about! You get this message, it 's romantic my head, martin bring across!, bobbi facing the wall, now guess you 're not Whitney Houston you... # 4 on Billboard 's Easy Listening survey and spawned a hit album cole. Mary Ann and Ginger Europe in 1995 Snow Pam climbin ' this fire escape, and you do need! Acted our age, you got a Woman supporting you you 're not Whitney Houston was still with. N'T be bringin ' me no picture of Whitney Houston because you do n't need you instantly! Ai n't no plastic surgeon, okay will go wherever sheneneh wants you to instantly create your own GIFs! And my place is wack trying to snap Gina out of my face, green, or.. You today, okay your booty, anything checkbooks out, everyone knows that Gina makes money! You ai n't you just answer it honestly, okay n't got no job,.! The impression that Tommy is a male stripper ] Gina! $ 5 nothing wrong my.


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