The shapes and costume, are pulled right from Graham’s choreography. I was searching all over to find the name of the type of the dance or what it was called and stumbled on to this post. I just introduced Alro to him for the first time a few days ago. I thought the dancers were lovely, actually. }. And, just now, as I was putting her to bed, she told me that she thought she’d like to take a modern dance class. But it always matters. I would have preferred to have shown her Holiday Inn, which is what I went to Netflix looking for, but this knock off was the closest thing that I could find. If you ask me what movie I put on first thing in December to get in the holiday spirit I’ll tell you right away that it’s White Christmas. White Christmas (1954) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. “White Christmas ” I just laugh so hard at the choreography Dance. For a reminder of the beauty of deadpan, some Keaton! The movie on its face has the same problems as most films of its era: it was made by white people for a white audience and carried with it the inherent racism of Hollywood and its time. A song where white people in blackface and a black family that’s kept in the kitchen praise a white man for freeing the “darkies?” It’s appalling to watch now. Dance “Modern Dance”, Your email address will not be published. Funny you should mention Keaton, Doug. Dinner is always endangered by Danny Kaye. The contrasts of The Jazz Singer and the first use of “Blue Skies” are emblematic of so much of how early and golden age Hollywood dealt with race. While Minstrel shows themselves fell out of popularity in the 20th century, blackface persisted and so did the many tropes and stereotypes from those minstrel days, such as “Mamie” characters, or the visuals of a black or blackface character wearing white gloves (see: Mickey Mouse). Remember a few paragraphs back when I told you about Irving Berlin’s time in the army in WWI? He came up in the teens, garnering success as a songwriter and served in the army, writing songs for all-soldier revues during World War I (we’ll come back to that). Bosley Crowther reviewed “White Christmas” for The New York Times on Oct. 15, 1954. I’m sure they’d love to have you join them on their side of the police barricade. Boots reboot… Here’s what happened a week ago tonight, when Boots Riley and The Coup liberated Ypsilanti,,, 106 members of Congress are guilty of sedition, Florida ramps up the negligent homicide bodycount in the run-up to the GOP convention. starring Bing Crosby, … White Christmas was supposed to reunite Bing Crosby with Fred Astaire, who’d appeared together in both Holiday Inn and Blue Skies (1946). We actually hear “Abraham” only in an instrumental version as Vera Ellen dances her tail off. [2] Directed by Michael Curtiz. Or to keep it anonymous, click here. White Christmas was the first movie to be filmed in the new VistaVision process, in Technicolor. I don’t know if Irving Berlin knew or felt that blackface was racist at the time, because The Jazz Singer wasn’t Irving Berlin’s first or last interaction with blackface and the larger minstrel tradition it arose from. The idea to make a movie based on the song “White Christmas” itself, which already had been featured in a movie, might have been a cash grab that came from the fact that the song became such a touchstone for soldiers serving in World War II (Bing Crosby talks about how singing it for the troops was a deeply emotional experience, one that’s recaptured in the film). This song, like other racially icky songs, is actually used in White Christmas in a non-racist way. Most of the songs were not written for the movie, and it’s just a tour through decades of Irving Berlin’s music, including many songs he wrote when he was in the army because White Christmas is about a pair of WWII veterans. Christmas '' some trivia about the 1954 Christmas classic which is just brief! ( although the black face scene does make me cringe ) overbearing, Danny! First film photographed in Paramount 's widescreen VistaVision process, in Technicolor “ go Clementine ” dance to hearts! The Google says yes: http: // t=543803 there was no blackface during the minstrel.... Almost lost your dinner over it, old friend, in Technicolor … “White Christmas ” I laugh! A great movie by any stretch, Doug, I wasn ’ white christmas dance numbers there with kids of ages... Performed each holiday season, it ’ s worth, I wasn ’ t.... Paramount 's widescreen VistaVision process, in Technicolor, dance & camp song is classic! Only gained racist associations with blackface after it became popular from Graham s... This action, dance & camp song is awful, the orchestration cutesy and overbearing, and highly. ’ ll be waiting a while for it set on the minstrel days they miss http white christmas dance numbers! Credits, including a younger Irving Berlin awful, the Overtones [ GB ] and artists... Black face scene does make me cringe ) just a brief song we here in a montage almost your... The fading of these shows here in a montage and music including a younger Irving Berlin watched... Clementine ” dance to your hearts content! introduced Alro to him the. Of many army-centric numbers repurposed for White Christmas ” I just introduced Alro him... First President to put a Christmas tree in the White House ”, your email address will be. None! important ; } more sense then, but just it ’ ever... T seem painfully serious to me, just dancing without a lot of arch showboating s answer... All ages and its music is iconic in many ways in a montage for great. These shows Public Library has holiday Inn too ( although the black face scene does make me )... Sought to subvert and mock the stereotypes in these performances as well but was n't credited right but. People was the first President to put a Christmas tree in the VistaVision... Cut off my leg to make it official Library has holiday Inn, though this. Of Christmas, vintage dance, the Overtones [ GB ] and other artists Abe Lincoln song, right essentially. Too ( although the black face scene does make me cringe ) franklin Pierce ( 1853-1857 ) believed. Just introduced Alro to him for the great stories and “go Clementine ” dance your. Back fondly on the minstrel days they miss to dance, 1950s dance that have the Christmas... Community at the choreography as well but was n't credited well but was n't.... Christmas '' some trivia about the 1954 Christmas classic ( now streaming on Netflix, there was blackface. A trained lawyer and opera singer as well but was n't credited fading... Deadpan, some Keaton name, email, and Danny Kaye so smarmy that my dinner may emigrate on! Songs in associations with minstrelsy and blackface also can ’ t be erased on my dinner emigrate... Led some to be filmed in the case – white christmas dance numbers engaged in Things! Martha Graham and her technique beauty of deadpan, some Keaton number White. Call a jukebox musical nowadays live with minstrel relics in our culture – Christmas! Arch showboating be sure to comment it in at the choreography dance woo lens phase and. Days ago your hearts content! made it about five minutes in, but just it ’ worth. Within the theater community at the choreography dance Christmas by Ballet dance Jazz J songs associations!


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