ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANTAGES In terms of absolute cost certainty from the outset, there are few, if any, procurement routes to rival single stage tendering – especially when coupled with the further security offered by a Design JCT & NEC3 Advantages & Disadvantages for Specialist Contractors in an Irish Context Professor Rudi Klein, Barrister CEO, SEC Group President NEC Users’ Group (one timeCOVERAGE OF JCT & NEC3 JCT: UK but Scottish Building Contracts Advantages: Saves time: Since it is a collaborative effort, a lot of time is saved in designing and construction as there are fewer problems as far as coordination is concerned. CHAPTER 2 DESIGN AND BUILD CONSTRUCTION CONTRACT 2.1 Introduction 12 2.2 The Overview of Design and Build 13 2.3 Definition of Design and Build 15 2.4 Process in Design and Build 16 2.5 The Design … Contract with Contractor’s Design (CD 81) which in effect gave final acknowledgement that design and build was an accepted mean of procurement. A design and build contract comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. The Build-Own-Operate (BOO) approach: Advantages and challenges Design-Bid-Build Advantages 1. APPENDIX A ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANTAGES OF DESIGN & BUILD A ADVANTAGES (1) FAST-TRACK From the approval of the Technical Feasibility Statement to completion of the Works, a D&B contract can be carried Disadvantages of Design and Build Contractor might include: The concept is still unfamiliar to many business owners, so expectations must be clearly communicated in a thorough RFP. The Price Is up to You Since the designer and contractor are hired separately, you have a lot more control over the pricing of your project. Because there are few checks and balances in regard to subcontractor negotiations, change orders and payment requests, a high degree of trust must be established between the owner and contractor.


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