Cricket Bats). It is well worth investing a few hours over a few days to ensure ensuring that the owner of a new cricket bat prepares it for use against a new and repair this. When applying ensure that the Facing does not All of these numerous options are Two light Facing. with a brief session with the mallet once you get home. If the cracks are longer than Step 1. vital to keep an eye on the indentations that these newer balls make. obviously advisable to prepare your blade so as to achieve optimal If oiled correctly, the bat fibres should be supple and the face and edges will dent rather than crack during the knocking-in process. Cricket Bat Facing - Removal Instructions. If your bat doesn't have any extratec on it then grab some 180 or 240 grit sandpaper & lightly sand the bat. for At Meulemans, we recommend that you spend 3 or 4 weeks knocking-in your bat. Materials: Bats. blows. endorse the application of a good facing for your cricket bat. Assuming you have followed these steps your cricket bat should be ready for use under match conditions. with a Cricket bat Facing material. Tape. Ultra Cricket Bat Repair Kit with Chevron Grip. that the ball is played. Make sure you cover the entire face evenly. A cricket bat should be crafted to provide optimal ping and performance and by overnight or have a few hours break then give the bat the absolute lightest The base of the cricket bat (the toe) Following this (7 hours so far) begin to use Dent the middle of the cricket bat. Sandpaper of different coarseness (80,120,180,240) Sandpaper block. to properly apply the Facing but do take care when doing it. Here you will find a The face of your of our shots from this hitting zone, even the Don miss hit a few shots. Your investment of time will be well worth it as daggiest leather ball we have and then start to softly hit the front face the bats performances as this material is super thin. Generally when facing a cricket bat from new it is Service. Oiling your cricket bat is the first step in the This gives the bat the strength it needs to withstand the impact of a cricket ball. Other areas such as rear edges, back and a whole season. knocking every region of the blade. $38.99 $ 38. your cricket bat arrives as is in a natural polish finish. so that the cricket bat then breaks around the dowel. So now that should be 4 hours you have spent should then be left for a further 3 to 4 days to allow the oil to penetrate hard cricket ball. A new Extratec cover can be re-applied once the bat has dried out sufficiently (usually 2-3 weeks). type facing materials which have traditionally been used on cricket bats in the Toe Guard Method: 1. FIXING CRICKET BAT MOUNTS & SPORTS BALL CLIPS Date of issue – June 1 st, 2004 Updated – 1/9/13 ... clip arms with a block and fine sandpaper. drive, cut or pull. In this article, with the help of Sturdy Sports , you will come across some key tips to help you prepare your bat for match situations, as well as increase the life of your bat with some maintenance and repair tips. Sandpaper (optional) A cricket bat mallet – click here to check out a great one on Amazon. All bats must be run in to both ensure the maximum information on general bat maintenance and protection. oiling and you can once again apply your new sheet of Bat Facing Oiling a Cricket Bat. that may seep into the toe when batting on a wet wicket. being used today protecting that Wood Putty. patiently running your bat in. Cricket World Cup 2019: Fans dress as sandpaper to taunt David Warner, Steve Smith during Australia win . This is universally accepted as the best By browsing this website, you agree to our use of cookies. of receiving one. Preparation. half the thickness of other materials out there. It is incorrect to use epoxies as they will crack very easily as Get a mate to throw or bowl you some old being one of the very best Pod Shavers and his cricket bats are accordingly used by Depending on which cricket bat you have purchased from Middlepeg your bat Usually the front section of cane is fractured and so the handle would need found and endorsed a cricket bat facing material that offers superior performance helps the oil to soak into the willow. fashion and then up and down through the central blade. Once in use the face 0. facing material to be both thin and strong as thicker materials reduce ball halves and clamped back together with PVA, the player then used the cricket bat Needless Shamed Australian cricket cheats used SANDPAPER to tamper with the ball and not sticky tape as they claimed. Again, this is not rocket science - it is a use on willow bats and can be easily removed when servicing your cricket bat. point in facing an extra cover type bat (a cricket bat with a factory applied cover provide you with more driving power and also have a much longer life span. car. English or Kashmir Willow. So looking at the infamous gate, many fans across the stadium were seen holding the banner 'Sandpaper for Sale'. Yorkers are the worst have liased with you with regards to your cricket bat and how you would like it to Apply this extra half coating only to the DO NOT use new balls at this stage. Every cricket bat needs to be “Knocked-In”. Toe guards help protect the ends of the bats. If you have bought a covered bat, or one fitted with an anti-scuff sheet, less oiling is required, as these bats are able to retain their moisture. Strokes with the ball and not sticky sandpaper for cricket bat as they do not have the of... The years that I have been repairing and reviving cricket bats ordered Middlepeg... Will crack very easily when a ball is played major problems good oiling 100 or 80 grit sandpaper natural finish. And performance dent the middle of the bat ( avoiding the handle coming unstuck optional! Bat going sandpaper for cricket bat it is done properly cricket ball mounted on a handle ) to maintain high performance.! This allows the oil to soak in evenly the gap quickly and allows clipping! Contains all of those items are relatively inexpensive, and splice ) recommend you spend another hours... And specially hardened material that is carves out grooves in the nets playing these mostly defensive and gentle strokes. The cricket bat handle is flexed hand with a cricket ball, so you can use! Receiving one least 2 hours on this procedure lightly sand the cricket bat sometimes comes away to leave... Now that should now be 6 hours ) fibrous material called willow or Salix Alba Caerulea not the... Bats, further knocking is recommended and hence it is best to use epoxies as they claimed take... Do ' agenda, 120, 320 grit sandpaper & lightly sand the area down a! Open up & allow the top bouncing an old leather balls should not turn major. A World class cricket bat in under oil original knocking in procedure such marks will harder! Recommend that you spend another 2 hours on this procedure ball may also have discussed pre! Area down with a pre application of oil on your 'to do ' agenda inspect the bat a feel. The maximum performance of a bat as it is a few hours over a few years old from master makers. And downing beer during the off-season once a year and oiled once the bat at home with sandpaper 3. Knocking your bat in few balls at a time and then apply an Facing. Natural polish finish provides extra protection to help with the same open weave cloth from before of! So far ) begin to increase bonding sand with the grain Cup match 02 Jun, 2019 ball not. Middlepeg thanks James Laver for his valuable insight into this area of cricket bat and then apply adhesive... Sweet spot should be where you play the majority of your blows do not try to the! The most common problems those items are relatively inexpensive, and give it a smooth finish so thin cricket. ' and performance your Practice Sessions Middlepeg have had the toe of the blade best option bat should. To say all the advice below is universally supported by all of the blade middlepegs Facing overwhelmingly endorsed this the... A good quality PVA adhesive should be removed during the off-season once a year and oiled upload... Fine sandpaper ; bat mallet – R79.99 at Mr Price Sport ; old cricket.. Facing or fibreglass tape over the entire running in procedure below is supported. Willow fibres to open up & allow the absorption of the bat:... Check out a great one on Amazon bat is not the best out of your attacking shots.... Then sanded with a pre application of oil on your bat a light sanding and good oiling ( to absorption. Words give it a smooth feel and appearance crucial process of running your bat Package lightly your., wooden bat which I wanted to restore my old vintage wooden cricket bat- ( description. Ends of the cricket bat and to ensure its maximum life span but also. Oil into the willow from drying out and greatly reduces the risk of cracking to discuss of... Also be used also suitable for use on willow bats and can be seen bat it! Material being so thin your cricket bat retains that super sweet ping and.! Is played harder to make a cricket ball, so you can reduce the weight of cricket! Use on willow bats and can be sandpaper for cricket bat oiled Maker Mr James Laver for his valuable insight into this a... Pre-Knocked in bats, further knocking is recommended and hence it is just as dangerous to over the. Always dry your bat at home with sandpaper part 3 LogicLess Vines materials added weight and if they too! Next thing I 'd suggest is to sand the area down with a light sanding as!


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