If it is emitting a weak light or only lights up intermittently, then it is due for replacement. You have to take the back cover [off the headlight assembly]. When a headlight got burned out, it doesn’t mean that the whole unit should be replaced. The average cost for a Headlight Bulb Replacement is between $126 and $160 but can vary from car to car. Chevrolet Malibu Headlight Bulb Replacement costs $111 on average. Terms of Use | Experts say that because headlights dim over time, it’s best to replace them when you notice they’re less effective, so they don’t completely burn out first. $188 - $254 . Fortunately, in most cases, just the bulb needs to be replaced. Halogen bulbs cost around $15 to $20, while HID bulbs are usually over $100 each. In the case of HID replacement bulbs, the cost depends on the kind of bulb. And being the stand-up company that we are, we would replace the entire pool light fixture at no additional cost to the customer and lose money while doing so. “But you have peace of mind that you’re getting a quality product [from the manufacturer] but at a considerably higher cost.”. Enlow recommends having both headlights replaced at the same time to avoid uneven light. Sometimes replacing the bulb is sufficient, if the headlight housing is clear, intact and with no cracks or moisture.”. You just have to pay more for your labor. In modern vehicles, bulbs are accessible by lifting up the car’s hood and accessing the bulb in the back of the lens housing. In addition to that, not only you get to be safe, but other drivers, motorists, and pedestrians as well. Headlight replacement involves with a lot of wires and circuits. You are not just spending for their time, you are spending on their skills. Subject: The new expensive head light bulbs worth the extra cost ?m. The replacement expenses will also vary from each location or auto dealer shops. We’re here to quickly replace it for you. A set of halogen replacement bulbs will cost around $15. California Privacy, Costs vary to replace a car headlight, depending on if you need to replace just a bulb or the entire assembly, and the type of vehicle. Have your headlights dulled over time? $47 - $54 . If headlights are included in their annual check-up, you can bring in your problems to them. YourMechanic Price $94 to $289 Labor: $80 -$90 Parts: $14 -$199 Average Dealer price $133 to 503 Average Shop price $114 to 345 Get an instant quote for your car. Replacement of the headlight bulb. Replacing headlights on a 2004 Honda Pilot Mazda CX-9. (Photo by Eldon Lindsay). Labor costs are estimated between $29 and $37 while parts are priced between $66 and $90. Let a certified automotive technician restore their peak brightness and make you safer while driving in the dark. Also, it’s illegal to drive even when there’s one headlight out. Of course, if your headlight bulb has completely gone out, it is no longer safe to drive at night or in adverse weather conditions, and you need to get the bulb changed out right away. Not to mention, if done badly, it will show. Sometimes, you even have to remove your bumper. Last year, our car experts repaired and/or replaced over 330,000 headlights. Addison Auto Repair & Body Shop will cost averagely between $250 and $700. Angie's List Call Center, © 1995-2020, Angie's List. Some auto dealers have their annual check-up service. If you have a friend who’s a mechanic or have a friend that has a friend who’s a mechanic, try asking for help.


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