Steps to Carry Out Restringing of Ukulele. You'll repeat the same steps 3 more times for all four strings. B) New string fitted in ukulele! Once you have the string secured, you will insert the other end to the corresponding tuning peg hole and tighten the string. You may also cut the strings with string cutters and then remove it easily. 8 String Ukulele Tuning - Complete Tutorial The 8 string ukulele is the model with the highest number of strings commonly available. Most tuner posts have a small through-hole at the top of the post. But once you’ve done a handful of string changes you’ll start to get the hang of it. 2. It does not matter anyway, but the headstock is the most extended end of the side and the small 2-3 inches or 5-inch size of the ukulele. Becoming an Experienced Ukulele String Changer. This type of string produces finger squeaks that some ukulele players might find distasteful. The string is likely now to be out of tune. Whether your old strings are worn out, you want to try a new tone, or your strings are broken, part of learning to play the uke is learning how to restring a ukulele. But with so many strings,… Concert Ukulele Tuning - Simple How-To Guide - Smart Method Halfway between the Soprano and Tenor ukuleles is the concert. Changing strings is an art. The first step is to release the string till it slides off the tuning peg. It takes time and experience to do it well. When the string is on and in tune, pull it away from the body and give it two or three little tugs. Ukulele strings do not often break as they are made from nylon, but you might find yourself in a predicament where you need to change the strings. (Note that this is a different approach than is commonly used with acoustic guitar steel strings, which have less stretch than ukulele strings.) It is commonly found in sets for tenor or baritone as the 2 lower strings. You’ll feel awkward and clunky the first time you do it. Ukulele strings take time to bed-in and keep in tune, and so make sure that you give them a stretch when you put them on to speed up the process. Get a new string and drag it through the bridge of the bridge. Wound Metal Strings. 1. Now, bring whichever string you’re changing up to the tuner, and wrap it four times around the tuner in the proper direction. The second step is to remove the string from the Standard Bridge or Tie-bar Bridge. For a tie bar bridge, please watch the video to see the exact way to tie the string to your ukulele. String winder can help you in making the winding faster. Wound nylon ukulele strings have a nylon core wrapped with a polymer winding material.


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