Lower Sodium Pork Sausage … One of the biggest reasons salt has always been associated with sausage … As a home sausage maker you have complete control over the ingredients you put into your product. And since they contain no binders, fillers, allergens, additives or MSG, they’re a smart choice for patients, staff and visitors. Meadow Creek sausage contains 440 mg less sodium (19% of the recommended daily value) than Lilydale Turkey sausage. This method works well for both frozen and thawed sausage—just adjust cook time … Add incredible flavor to your menu with our low-sodium sausage and ham products. Per 85 grams, Meadow Creek Turkey sausage contains 300 mg of sodium (12% of the recommended daily value). Stuffed eggplant is delicious. Linguini and peppers with Italian Sausage. Many years ago, about 3100BC, there were no refrigerators and salting meat was a common method of preservation. Per 85 grams, Lilydale's Turkey sausage contains 740 mg of sodium (31% of the daily recommended value). To prep a steady stream of breakfast sausage during peak times (hello, brunch service), keep the flat top stocked. CN. Low sodium Italian sausage is very tasty and can be used in numerous ways I have listed below. The term sausage derives from salsus, meaning “salted” in Latin. You bet there are low sodium recipes for sausage!.


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