There are different methods and tools for selecting animals. Points to be considered in the selection of sheep breed or goat breed: It is better to purchase a goat/sheep with 2 dental ages. In establishing new flocks or improving older ones, goat breeders striving in improvement in their animals have basis of selection, (1) Individual merit, (2) Selection based on pedigree, (3) Selection based on family member performance and (4) Selection based on Progeny performance. 0.5 x 30% = 0.15kg, which means that for birth weight the stock saved for the breeding flock is 0.15kg superior genetically to the stock from which it was selected. The females should possess a long preferably low set body, roomy hind quarter, well-formed pliable udder, active foraging habit and good mothering instinct. Average prolificacy of Indian goats is average at 2 kids per goat. This is especially important when traits such as milk production, kidding rate, and semen production, cannot be measured in both sexes. Actually, heritability estimates for any one trait vary due to differences in breed, accuracy of measurement, importance of environmental effects which cannot be adjusted, and genetic differences in the particular strains or flock involved. The amount of heritable variation measured in such specific units as pounds, inches, numbers etc. 2.5kg – 2.0kg = 0.5kg, the birth weight by which the selected lambs exceeds the average from which they arose. The accuracy of records and adherence to an ideal. Selecting goats for breeding is important. There is also the opportunity for the application of breeding technology based on multi-trait animal model that utilize mixed model methodology to estimate breeding values and genetic parameters, and to establish optimum breeding objectives to achieve maximum efficiency in meat goat. All too often a breeder remember s the good individuals produced by a given and forgets those which are less producing or culls. Recording of weights and grades does require additional time and labor – an expenditure which is highly worthwhile, however. Besides, heterosis not only improves vigour among animals but also produces uniform population of animals, thus increasing consumer acceptability in the marketing of meat and meat products. The different breeds of domestic animals that exist today are the result of natural and artificial selection. 2.0 + 0.15kg birth weight, which is the expected performance of the next generation. Estimating rate of progress Thus even though multiple births have low heritability (transmitting ability from one generation to next) any gain no matter how small, is worthwhile. Breeding goats for meat production: 3. This review, the third and final in the series on breeding goats for meat production describes the role of selection to achieve genetic improvement of economically important performance traits and breeding strategies for commercial production of meat from goats. ScienceDirect ® is a registered trademark of Elsevier B.V. ScienceDirect ® is a registered trademark of Elsevier B.V. Crown copyright © 2006 Published by Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved. Remaining population has 50-50 male and female. Because multiple births at first kidding are less frequent, young mothers having multiple births are more likely to transmit this trait. Best Meat Goat Breeds: Beetal Goat, Boer Goat, Matou Goat, Spanish, Tennessee, Kiko, Kashmiri Goat, Angora, and Black Bengal. Using Flock Records in Selection. Please note that part 1 was published in issue Rumin 58/2. Since domestication man has tried to apply artificial selection to change the animal population for making genetic improvement in performance. Prerequisite for any production data is that each animal be positively identified – by means of proper identification like ear notches, ear tags or tattoos. The genetic improvement of performance may be based on a simple means of identification, measurement and recording of morphological characteristics and production performance necessary for estimating breeding values followed by prompt dissemination of goats with potential genetic merit to many commercial herds.


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