Our Virginia-based experts can help you find the best gear. 1-888-292-2575. Learn how they do it and what equipment they use. This is why I buy my high end AV equipment from Crutchfield. After me knowing about you for 40 yrs & never hearing anything negative, I knew what I bought would be good quality. Tina was awesome. What features should you look for? How to choose the microphones that meet your needs. Copyright ©1996-2020, Crutchfield New Media, LLC. In, Nothing beats listening to speakers in your space. Schedule a convenient time for us to call you. Learn all about the essential ingredient for making music on your computer, the audio interface. Knowing which model headphones you’re using lets us remove any sonic coloring from your experience. Our Advisors test and install gear in their own vehicles. Our CEO, Bill, is a huge animal lover. Maverick brought to my attention a 60 day price match that I had no idea existed. His buddy Enzo smothers him with kisses during a recent photo shoot. Learn how to set up, soundcheck, and tear down a powered-speaker PA system. SpeakerCompare tailors your listening experience to the exact headphones you have, so that what you hear is comparable to auditioning speakers side-by-side in person. It includes a pair of studio-quality headphones, a combination DAC (digital-to-analog converter) and headphone amp, USB mobile adapters, and a guide to getting the most out of your session. For Tech Support, call Thanks! SpeakerCompare gives you a sense of the sonic differences. We’ve carefully chosen the components of this kit to ensure a crystal-clear listening experience. Your employees seem to have a passion for what they sell. But performance in the real world is affected by the acoustics of your car or home, your choice of amplification, and your source material. Our Vehicle Research Team has taken apart and measured over 28,000 vehicles. Lunes 11/23 a miercoles 11/25: 9 AM - 7 PM, Shop smart & save time when you connect with an advisor, Your advisor will be able to share relevant pages and add items to your cart. I'm ordering today! 1 hits with home studio recordings made in their bedrooms. Very helpful, provided useful information, happy with assistance. Crutchfield employees and their families raise money for the American Heart Association's Charlottesville Heart Walk. Carson is extremely polite and knowledgeable. It lets you compare sonic characteristics between speakers. Shipping was super fast, faster then I expected.Thanks for everything! Crutchfield: Audio, video, and more. It lets you compare sonic characteristics between speakers so that you can make a more informed shopping decision. Learn which types of mics are best for PA systems, home recording, podcasts, video production, and other tasks. Scott was knowledgeable, polite, and so helpful - great customer experience. Since 1974. Crutchfield collects state sales tax on items shipping to the following states: AK, AL, AR, AZ, CA, CO, CT, DC, GA, HI, IA, ID, IL, IN, KS, KY, LA, MA, MD, ME, MI, MN, MS, NC, ND, NE, NJ, NM, NV, NY, OH, OK, PA, RI, SC, SD, TN, TX, UT, VA, VT, WA, WI, WV, WY. In other states where we don't collect sales tax, it may be the customer's responsibility to assure that all appropriate state use taxes are paid. We still believe that the gold standard for auditioning speakers is hearing them in your own environment — that’s why we offer a 60-day money-back guarantee. He had great insight into the recommended products he chose. Marine speaker grilles, hardware and accessories, . Thanks for the excellent products and support. With so many musicians working at Crutchfield (and so much gear), it’s only a matter of time before somebody starts rockin’.


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