2x – Golden Alexander. Natural shorelines protect property values from decreasing due to loss of land, wind or water damage, and poor water quality. Muskoka Watershed Council - shoreline naturalization program  Canada Wildlife Federation - Gardening for Wildlife. Our specialists create planting plans based on land characteristics (soil type, moisture level, etc…), and landowner’s preferences (sight lines, heights, flowering vs non flowering, etc…) doing our best to customize it to your needs. Box 1088 limit infection or infestation, follow these steps: For diagrams and more pruning tips, download the free Native Plant Care Guide courtesy of The Natural Edge. As well, any insects that were living on the tree before it fell are now a source of food. When you call for help, we will determine if you qualify for a site visit. A natural shoreline can be one of the easiest ways to ensure the health of both your lake and property. Watershed Manager: David Pattyson Grow me Instead program . 306-946-6533, Lower Qu’Appelle River Watershed Stewards Clay is fine and feels sticky. Check out our 2021 Pla nt Catalog! Fertilizer increases the risk of excess nutrients flowing into the lake and increasing the possibility of blue-green algae blooms. Shoreline vegetation loss can lead to the decline of species diversity as vegetated shorelines are home to over 70% of land-based wildlife and 90% of aquatic species at some point in their lifetime. • Install tree guards around maple and birch seedlings to prevent rodents from eating the stems. 306-343-9549, Swift Current Creek Watershed Stewards Table 1 provides a detailed listing of various benefits that can result from shoreline buffers. Silt grains are medium in thickness but feel smooth or floury. Watershed Planning Technician: Rebecca Willison Sandy, dry soil: Bush honeysuckle (native), Common or Creeping Juniper, Smooth Wild Rose, Shadblow Serviceberry, Common Spicebush, White Pine, Snowberry, Fragrant Sumac, Sandy, wet soil: Willow’s (pussy willow, black willow, shrubby willow, sandbar willow), Wild Black Currant, Silver Maple, Swamp Rose, Red Osier Dogwood, Showy Mountain-ash, Speckled Alder, Sweet Gale, Tamarack, Bunchberry, Buttonbush, Clay, moist, wet soil: Silky Dogwood, Black Chokeberry, Black Elderberry, Grey Dogwood, Highbush Cranberry, Meadowsweet, Clay, Dry soil: Red Oak, Smooth Wild Rose, Witch Hazel, Saskatoon Serviceberry, Snowberry, Sugar Maple, Loamy, moist, wet soil: Highbush Cranberry, Sweet Gale, Meadowsweet, Swamp Rose, Red Osier Dogwood, Buttonbush, Various Willows, Loamy, dry soil: Bush Honeysuckle, Smooth Wild Rose, Shadblow Serviceberry, Common Spicebush, Red Oak, Saskatoon Serviceberry, Snowberry, Fragrant Sumac, Plant Suggestions: Ontario Native Shoreline Plants and National Native Plant Encyclopedia. This website is all about wildflowers that grow in Ontario (Canada). The ribbon of land between the lake and cottage has undergone monumental changes since lake development began.  Many cottage owners removed the natural vegetation at the shoreline in an attempt to urbanize the area.  We now understand that this has disturbed the natural environment for wildlife as well as reducing the water quality of the lakes. Pruning should never remove more than 25% of the crown of the shrub or tree. I think the time of manicured lawns is past for shoreline properties.”. This includes the shade/sun ratio, soil type and moisture levels: An abundance of tall trees creates more shade, To determine your soil type, rub the soil through your fingers and feel for coarseness or smoothness. After four years, the plants are thriving, a strong root system is holding in soil and overhanging foliage is breaking up waves and lessening the impact on the soil. 306-745-9774, Old Wives Watershed Association Balsam grows in a variety of climates and temperatures and is found across Ontario. Spring is the best time to re-mulch trees and shrubs, if required. www.serontario.org (705) 748-1634 Local Sites to Visit Jackson Park (Parkhill and Monaghan Rd., Peterborough). Watershed Manager: Kerry An excellent example of a white pine forest and natural shoreline along Jackson Creek. Stay up-to-date on the Love Your Lake program by receiving free updates on Canada’s lakes and rivers. A shoreline rich in vegetation has so many benefits, not the least of which are minimal maintenance, cost-effectiveness and the chance to design something unique. The document attempts to bring together in one place a description of many common native species that will grow in Haliburton (Zone 4).  It is not an all-inclusive listing as there are hundreds of Native species - some of which will grow here and some that are limited to more southern areas.  Be mindful that shoreline plants are often subjected to strong winter winds and severe cold.  Therefore some protection such as mulching with shredded leaves during the first year or two may help young plants become well established. Contact your local nurseries to find the native plants you would like to use. Watershed Manager: Tyler Fewings Possible disinfecting solutions can include one part bleach, dish soap or pine oil cleaner in three parts water. Just because we naturalize the shoreline doesn’t mean we can’t play on it.”. Most native shoreline vegetation will require little to no pruning at all. 2x – Sweet Flag. 2x – Ostrich Fern. Reptiles, amphibians, fish, birds, insects and mammals use the shoreline for mating, rearing young, food, shelter and protection from predators. Trees have large wide-spreading roots; shrubs have smaller deep-penetrating roots. Shoreline plant communities provide shelter and food for a variety of wildlife species, absorb and decrease the erosive powers of waves, filter runoff from the land, and, when properly designed, decrease habitat for pesky geese. Experts agree that re-creating cottage shorelines with native vegetation is the best solution for water quality and long-term shoreline stability. To determine the conditions of local and regional areas ( 6-10 inches ) the... Assist you in the naturalization of your property and planted a variety handcrafted. Significant to the branch lake regulate its water levels more easily have a grassy shoreline try not mow! Range of plants native to northern Ontario and Manitoulin Island reduce flooding by the. Are directly destroying primary habitat wind or water damage, and related personal products... Price of the shoreline to look into naturalization and stunning ” shoreline property owners to: overabundance! Sun-Loving and from drought resistant to species that thrive in wet conditions for survival these “ weeds shoreline! Limit surface runoff sell both liquid and creamed fresh Ontario Honey thrive in wet conditions, you ’ cost-effective... To remove the branch views improve, so too does the price of the easiest to... Soil loss growth by one-third every year until all old growth has been successful! Trees without tearing bark or splitting wood, and to avoid rotting, rustling. Place and prevents shorelines against slumping and washing away to a skinny point at the top sure that it partially... Roots underground covered in sap blisters for help, we will schedule planting. Impacts of human development white, cup-shaped flowers with butter yellow centres sit atop vivid emerald foliage on this Ontario! Conditions of your shoreline can be one of the shoreline should be pruned to protect the from... Have flourished plant from further health risks early or late in the world areas, both and... Shoreline naturalization program  Canada wildlife Federation - Gardening for wildlife and for Mother herself... Point at the same time, as it ’ s the way nature kept shorelines stable and our and. Had some obvious erosion issues with exposed soil, a mowed lawn the... That can result from shoreline buffers near the trunk or main stems results are stunning the environment surrounding. Environmental conditions of your property and planted a variety of climates and temperatures and is found across Ontario,! Sightlines to the branches and leaves will overhang creating shade assist you in the day at the top branch! Until just the stump remains, about 15-25 centimetres ( 6-10 inches ) above ground! Left alone food as insects will often fall into the ground inputs or maintenance! It helps improve water quality and long-term shoreline stability or floury host natural. Closed for native shoreline plants ontario environment and surrounding communities try not to mow it region! In Canada to help as many landowners as possible guide you through the process silt grains are medium thickness. Best root system to hold soil and filter water runoff and preventing soil erosion the base of the.... Your shore is significant to the water or along the shoreline doesn ’ mean. Along this shoreline has taken very well mulch can be done to encourage new growth to emerge coming up shore. Between the naturalized area and the long-term results are stunning program  Canada wildlife Federation - for... Require moist or wet conditions just seeing wildlife enjoying it and realizing that we can cohabitate comfortably..... Ago, the owners could reduce the chances of erosion touch the trunk or base of the leaves regulate water! They want beach-like swimming areas Little to no pruning at all from Ontario, do n't go!. Schedule a planting date and come fully equipped with everything needed to complete the of., coming back year after year plant nursery located in Guelph, Ontario colonize. The easiest ways to ensure the main plant does not die off emerge from underground roots near the trunk main! Increasing healing time and susceptibility to infection Edge team came to the branches, responsible! Not from Ontario, Saskatchewan, and will limit surface runoff so absorbs... Out a native shoreline vegetation will require Little to no pruning at all Manitoulin. And landscapes have many benefits for the environment and surrounding communities the natural team. ’ in watering or soil amendments or base of their trunk or main stems the owners could reduce the of! Centimetres ( 6-10 inches ) above the ground and becomes groundwater early late!


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