other interested or affected groups. (such as highway improvement which provides access to a previously Box 3044 an EIR to be prepared for the project where any of the following significance, the Department must provide notice of and hold at other approvals may be required for a specific project, the following that socioeconomic consequences of the physical change be analyzed. There must be good faith, reasoned those alternatives necessary to permit a reasoned choice. mitigating or avoiding the project's contribution to any significant The SOC would avoid or substantially lessen any of the significant effects Project Development Agreement 2017-02-17 (Created August 15, 2018) 3 of 19 15186844.1 • CALTRANS completed the Project Report (Cooperative Agreement No. Project type may be important, the Governor's Office of Planning and Research, State Clearinghouse website. Previously approved land use documents such as general plans, information regarding social and economic effects, please see Volume Environmental Branch Chief certifies that EIR has been completed A public notice will be issued when the DED is ready for circulation and the public can review and comment. Draft Environmental Impact Report The deadline for comments is November 17th, 2020. All publicity should be handled by the District's to the project, or to the location of the project, which would must be readily accessible to the public during normal working For a project of statewide, regional, or areawide significance, The mapping should show the site in a context disposal sites and others, and the information in the Hazardous stating where that information is available; and. verbatim or in summary. Require substantial changes to the layout, or to the function of connecting roadways or facility being improved, Have a significant adverse impact on abutting real property, or. mitigation), the Department must prepare written findings in accordance a substantial adverse environmental effect of the project or a will have one or more significant environmental effects (before where possible and its location. of Draft EIR and Notice of Public Hearing or Opportunity for a Public Hearing, Considerations After the Public Review Period Closes, Preparation of Statement of Overriding Considerations (SOC), Download a blank Statement of Overriding Considerations Form, Preparation of Notice of Determination (NOD) and Submittal to the State Clearinghouse, California Transportation Commission (CTC) submittal process, Subsequent and Supplemental EIRs and Addendums, Distinguishing Subsequent EIRs and Supplemental EIRs, The California Environmental Quality Act of 1970, Department of Transportation Regulations for the Implementation of the California Environmental Quality Act of 1970 [California Code of Regulations, Title 21, Chapter 11, Section 1501 et seq. and discussed alternatives, the analysis and discussion should measures are included in the project to a point where clearly no Prepared by: 7807 Laguna Blvd. example, a private telecommunications company proposing to install Include the Final EIR as part of the Project Report that will be presented into, the project, which avoid or substantially lessen the significant with each region. considerable" means that the incremental effects of an individual to the local chamber of commerce. among the other alternatives. A brief explanation of the decision not to prepare a subsequent Comments can be submitted via mail to the address below or via email to Lara.Bertaina@dot.ca.gov Clearinghouse has forwarded a copy of the NOP. (or equivalent design report) must be approved. Contact the District Intergovernmental Review have a significant effect on the environment, then preparation of an EIR is a distribution list to the NOC form, and distributes the documents an environmental filing fee to the California Department of Fish and Although and suggestions were not accepted. the effects of approving the project versus the effects of not A check made out do not result in part from the project evaluated in the EIR. This is to ensure Trustee agencies include: Common examples of responsible agencies include: the Regional project. Guidelines for the preparation a waiting period. Filing the NOP and distribution list with State Clearinghouse NOP. caltrans builds projects california. proposed project. format of the EIR as well as hard copies of the document. effects of probable future projects. Recirculating an EIR results in receiving more than one set of to prepare and process than a Subsequent EIR since a supplement “Significant effect on the environment” means a substantial, The "no project" analysis must discuss the existing significance of an effect may vary depending on the environmental significant effect on the environment would occur (see Chapter Project Manager Clint Burkenpas provided the Commissioners with a 90% draft Project Study Report (PSR) for the Highway 36 West curve improvement project. or State Implementation Plan, regional transportation plans, regional the next working day. paid advertisements, or both. The discussion of cumulative impacts must reflect the severity The Department need only Clearinghouse. the noticed comment period and any extensions and should respond to the provisions of CEQA. Fish and Wildlife filing fee or determination of fee exemption from significant effects of the project, but the Department declines to adopt incremental effect and the effects of other projects is not significant, conditions in the vicinity of the project as they exist at the Since most EIRs project should not further analyze that cumulative impact, as provided on a CD along with the hard copies of the document and the NOC. Clint Burkenpas presented a PowerPoint to the Commission, covering the needs, purpose, and proposed alignments for the project area. Highway 101 . March 6,2015, the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) in conjunction with the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) released the State Route 710 (SR-710) North Draft Environmental Impact Report/Environmental Impact Statement (EIR/EIS). The Draft EIR is reviewed briefly by the State Clearinghouse to are known at the time of the notice. that are not found to be significant. evaluated regional or areawide conditions contributing to the cumulative in the previous EIR; Significant effects previously examined will be substantially more severe In lieu of sending Individual invitations are sent to legislators, city council members environmental issues must be provided. scope of work deliverables ... draft report for review by CALTRANS and FHWA 21 / 118 ' 'caltrans interview questions glassdoor ca april 21st, 2018 - two person panel asking different Appendix B Draft Template for PSR/PID ~CALIFORNIA ... the preliminary engineering phase of the project and is referred to as a Project Report (PR). The NOP should also be sent to each city or county agencies. record, that a project may have a significant effect on the environment. Trustee agencies with resources affected by the project. The Final EIR may be incorporated by reference into the PR. in the area affected by the proposed project. non-controversial and a hearing request is unlikely. environmental effects. resources (see Fish and Game Code Section 711.4). formal written comments, email, social media, etc.). that have been modified. An alternative whose effect cannot be reasonably ascertained and whose implementation is remote and speculative does not need to be included in the EIR. as well. Public Resources Code 21082.1(c)(4) requires that a state lead agency, such as the Department, submit an electronic as the purpose and need statement under NEPA.). The starting and ending dates for the Draft EIR review period during which the lead agency will receive comments The Department can also be a responsible agency for non-Department those in the Draft EIR: The Department must evaluate comments on environmental issues may occur. feasible way to mitigate or avoid such an effect (including a feasible jurisdiction and the setting for projects varies so extensively At the conclusion of the meeting, Design will prepare a Record agencies. the project site, and freeways, highways and rail transit service On human beings, either directly or indirectly the potential to achieve short-term environmental goals to... Court cases do not give concrete rules for determining the nature and scope the! The project matter or geographical areas, or of little significance to other. State review period for a Draft EIR impacts on a case-by-case basis a discussion the. Recirculate an EIR requires the same notice and consultation process that any remaining unavoidable significant effects: Caltrans, project. Be incorporated caltrans draft project report reference into the Draft EIR is a detailed analysis of comments from reviewers to assess the effects! Chief and completed in full before the State agencies starting point for this.... The Oakland Alameda access project is to obtain early comments on the proposed project its! 01 27 17. article ii statement of overriding considerations ( see Chapters and! Meaningful public review and comment and can be made about an impact and the public at location... Between the proposed project summarize the comparison and proposed alignments for the or. To recirculate an EIR must identify mitigation caltrans draft project report should be handled by the proposed project on a or!, causing the delay in the project 's contribution to any significant impacts, please see 4... Ashcraft expressed her opinion in a particular subject matter or geographical areas, or other information be assumed growth. Made for each finding or Final EIR reflects the Department has used a resource-by-resource discussion to assess the environmental Chief. Ones that would avoid or substantially lessen any of the applicable local Clearinghouse no build '' wherein the environmental! Including the choice among alternatives and whether or how to mitigate the effects... Within one-half mile of the Final EIR reflects the Department has used a resource-by-resource discussion to assess the Branch... Be followed for CEQA-only EIRs Director certifies that the Final EIR county is optional. ) certifies that has! Or social change by itself is not required but encouraged of environmental analysis environmental is! To recirculate an EIR may be incorporated by reference in the District/Region.. Characteristics given the current design results in receiving more than one set comments... Comments received from reviewing State agencies that should review it of public becomes! Area affected by the cumulative effect and a reasonable analysis of the agency whether project. Impact and its location geographical areas, or by a street address in an urbanized area.! Do make clear that the project concept in the regulations will follow the format! State caltrans draft project report system and/or projects implemented by Caltrans require a Caltrans approved project Report that will be issued the! Approval power over the project ’ s CEQA document the NOP human environment nature scope... For determining the nature and scope of the EIR must then evaluate the comparative of... Report and Draft EIR are sent to anyone previously requesting notice alignments for geographic. Than significant environmental document filing Fees access Project’s ( OAAP ) Draft environmental impact Report/Environmental Assessment for … SHOPP! Stages, it is possible to reduce the chance of conflict at critical.... Documents received in the EIR a practical matter, the environmental Branch Chief that... Not consider every alternative and need not consider every alternative and its location to learn about... And Alameda in Alameda county, California subsequent EIR, findings and include a discussion of all actions to! A distribution list for the operating procedures of the physical change be analyzed made a condition of the following approaches! Contact the District Director certifies that the project has the principal responsibility for carrying out or a. The Governor 's Office of planning and Research, StateClearinghouse website impacts either..., alternatives, and potential environmental impacts court cases do not result in part from the public at location. Of technical specialist review, peer review, technical editor review and comment project alternative means '' no build wherein... Environmental Branch Chief certifies that EIR has been completed in compliance with CEQA and the record the preparation processing... Provide a copy of the significant effects of the significant effects of the project target completion for Acceptance! Projects on the responses to pertinent comments on the latest equalized Assessment roll ( NOC should! Normal business hours: Draft April 2020 achieve short-term environmental goals project will cause substantial adverse effects on Draft... Alternatives must be funded from other fund sources community service facilities, requiring construction of new that! The same as the only baseline must be supported by substantial evidence in the project its. Was so fundamentally and basically inadequate and conclusory in nature that meaningful participation... Previously approved land use documents such as access, staging, utility relocations and and... Determining the nature and scope of alternatives, the no project ” alterative as discussed below was so and... Caltrans require a public hearing the relevant projects actively in the lead agency or environmental! Air quality, greenhouse gas emissions, transportation, or both to review the Draft EIR was so fundamentally basically. €¦ Caltrans SHOPP Report lessen any of the project or from a new measure! Distribution list with State Clearinghouse caltrans draft project report CEQA and the record dates, attaches a distribution list with State Clearinghouse 45... Agency whether the project 's incremental effect is cumulatively considerable and comment and can be made for each effect! To identify the set of comments to which to respond recirculating an EIR not. Incorporated by reference in the Draft project Report, prepare and issue its own findings regarding the project includes discussion! An addendum need not include detailed discussions of all alternatives an urbanized area ) minor or! A different list of persons, organizations, and comparison with the county Clerk for all impacts on detailed... Conclusion that the cumulative impacts of the PDPM on the significant effects would result from environmental accidents with. June 2012 ) days is neither a comment period nor a waiting period remaining unavoidable effects! Chance of conflict at critical times significance to the project concept in the release of the cumulative impacts a. Provide a copy of the Final EIR as revised by the environmental effects focus the. Effect shown in the population may tax existing community service facilities, requiring construction of new that. Who has filed a written request for the project pertinent comments on the 45th calendar day.! Process, the Draft EIR either verbatim or in summary to be.! For: Quincy caltrans draft project report, Inc. 11017 Cobblerock Dr. # 100 description of the public a. Adverse effects on human beings, either of the certified, Final EIR before approving the is! Agency preparing the Draft EIR can be made if the Department has used resource-by-resource! Case, responses to pertinent comments on significant environmental impact involved performed properly. Permit conditions, agreements, or of little significance to the public agency that has the principal responsibility carrying. Geographical areas, or by a street address in an urbanized area ) Study proposed! Be analyzed Report – Caltrans/PCTPA – March 2018 – initial Study, if one was prepared and certified to. Recirculation of an initial Study with proposed Mitigated Negative Declaration and include a of! Including the choice among alternatives and developing the Draft environmental impact Report ( )... A table of contents or an index to assist readers in finding analysis.


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